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Flying Mode

Ride In Bliss is the only transportation company that actually cares about what makes an airport ride perfect. Thus, Ride In Bliss knows how to provide that combination of elements that will bring ‘rider happiness’. As you might know, some popular and budget ways of catching an airport ride have eliminated those luxury details that make a ride comfortable and blissful. On the contrary, Ride In Bliss’ mission is not to give you cheap rides but to give you valuable and professional rides without compromising important elements like safety and professionalism.

When Chicagoans need to get to/from the airport, they are usually in a hurry to catch a flight, they are under pressure and forgetful. What someone in that position needs is a reliable friend to pick them up on time, and to be reminded of necessary things like passport, wallet and keys. Ride In Bliss is that reliable friend because we offer client support, and because we pay attention to the details that can make or break your travel experience. From the instant we answer your call, Ride In Bliss becomes you travel partner, and your destination becomes our objective.  Anyone who values their travel time, because they travel a lot and spend a lot of time stuck in a car, will want to partner with Ride In Bliss because we have the knowledge and the experience to take you places in the style that you deserve.

Ride In Bliss is your professional airport ride because our experience driving pilots and other flight professionals have made us professionals. Ride In Bliss is the preferred transportation company by many pilots from various aviation companies particularly because of our attention to detail, on time service, and something extra to make each ride a blissful experience. Ride In Bliss always strives to go above and beyond in serving its clients, especially those with time constraints by listening and planning to give each client a unique experience. Ride In Bliss takes its time to understand each client’s needs in order to provide a surprising experience.

There is no better transportation company to trust when it comes to perfect, on time, knowledgeable airport rides than Ride In Bliss. Step out of the crowd, and come to the company that understands your unique needs and has the means to customize and give you what you want from your ride.

Be selective!
With a wide range of vehicles to choose from, Ride In Bliss offers customized car service for unique travel needs. Sedans, limousines, SUVs, Mercedes vans and party buses are all ready to accommodate you with incredible customer service.


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Ride In Bliss Contracted with Landmark Aviation

Ride In Bliss Becomes the Only Transportation Choice for Private Aviation Company

CHICAGO, IL, February 4, 2015 – Ride In Bliss, Chicagoland’s premier personal transportation company, has announced that it will be the sole provider of transportation services to Landmark Aviation, Waukegan. Landmark Aviation is a private aviation company, part of the Carlyle Group portfolio. Ride In Bliss has forged a one-year relationship with Landmark clients and pilots through its professionalism and high service standards.

“Adding Landmark Aviation to our list of reputable businesses has been a natural move, due to the two companies’ similar business philosophies – customer service and safety. We, at Ride In Bliss, make it our mission to prioritize people’s safety and comfort. Through this partnership, we are looking forward to providing clients with the complete traveling experience, that caters to each and every need”, said Pavel Slajfercik, founder and president of Ride In Bliss.

Ride In Bliss is an important part of Landmark Aviation, because it offers clients service consistency after they land, and until they safely get to their destination.

Ride In Bliss high service standards and unique travel experience is a perfect match to Landmark Aviation’s private aviation services.

About Ride In Bliss

Ride In Bliss, is an Illinois based company that provides transportation services to business and private customers. Since 2011, Ride In Bliss has consistently surpassed client expectations with the level of professionalism and personable service it has delivered. The company principally serves Chicago airports, as well as MFLD Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Gary, Indiana. As a client and people-focused transportation company, Ride In Bliss is Chicago’s most trusted car company when it comes to attentiveness and safety. Ride In Bliss is the preferred transportation company serving Landmark Aviation, the Waukegan private aviation company. It also proudly serves NetJets airline, Boeing, John Deere, Bank of America, Kraft Food and many other reputable companies. For more information on Ride In Bliss, please visit